What We Do

Wrangling the ghosts within the machine is our speciality

Mr. Fix It At TechnoMage we specialize in home and small business computer solutions. We offer support for a large number of systems, including MS Windows and Linux. We are highly adaptable and can support most computer configurations, from legacy environments to the latest hardware and software. We can get your computer set up, upgraded, repaired or otherwise ready for work or play. What's more, our availability is equally adaptable - covering greater Edmonton, West Parkland County and beyond, with a full willingness to serve rural or distant clients. So contact us, and we will do our best to get to you and complete the task at hand.

Who We Are

Wizard Named for the renowned society of mystical technologists in the science fiction classic Babylon 5, our goal is to produce results that are no less magical. In order to conjure up the solutions our clients need, TechnoMage prepares itself for any challenge through acquiring a variety of skills. Our team lead, Iain Wilson, has had four years commercial experience in technical repair and maintenance, as well as a lifelong affinity for computers and other devices. For greater depth we also have Cisco-trained backup staff for Linux and Unix, hardware and file recovery, multimedia creation and tweaking, web development and even scripting and tool programming. Our team will stop at nothing to get the job done.
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